What You Can Learn From Last Year's Campaign

Since you were a small child, you were told that the wisest people always learn from their past mistakes and successes. Well, the same thing can apply to your current-day marketing campaigns.

By taking a good look at your campaigns from years past, you can devise better strategies to reach your target audiences, efficiently spend your marketing budget, and bring your company more business. If anything — you can try out new things you may have not done before.

Take a Stance on Something

For years, it’s been considered safer to avoid anything politically or socially-fueled in marketing campaigns to spare your company any potential backlash from those with differing opinions. However, in this day and age, a lot of consumers like knowing where a company stands on “the issues” — so tell them.

While you don’t need to focus entirely on voicing your opinion, taking a stance on an issue, without alienating anyone, can help give your brand a true voice, increase your overall brand awareness, and make your business look better in the eyes of a consumer.

For a great example of this lesson, check out Airbnb’s 2018 Superbowl ad.

Try Out Live Streaming

When you schedule posts on social media, you’re relying on the platform’s algorithms to push your content to as many people as possible before boosting the content or having it organically shared by other users. So why not try a new strategy?

Live streaming offers you the opportunity to not only provide your followers with real-time actions of your business, but many platforms send users push notifications that let them know you’re going live, allowing more people to view your content

Start trying out live streaming events you’re holding, demonstrations of products, and behind-the-scenes looks to increase your user engagement and brand awareness.

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