Unlikely Advertising Spots to Consider

When it comes to the forms of advertising, the options are endless. Though most businesses might get caught up focusing on the main forms of advertising, there are many unique ways you can get your brand seen. If you are currently looking to make a mark with some out of the box advertising spots, here are a few places you’ll want to consider:

Taxi Cabs and Buses

When you think of outdoor advertising, you probably think of billboards and bus benches, but there is more than just these static ways to advertise. Buses and taxi cabs are another great way to promote your services outdoors, and by being mobile, you can spread your message to a broader and more diverse audience.


Though usually a quick trip, entering an elevator is traditionally followed by passengers looking for a place to stare straight ahead. Beyond looking at what floor you're at and avoiding eye contact with your fellow passengers, advertising gives people a perfect place to focus their attention. Another bonus-  if someone arrives in an elevator, they are probably leaving in one too, making your advertisement twice as likely to be seen.


Everyday items is a great way to get your brand name in people’s hands and heads. From notepads, pens, cups, to Frisbee's; adding your logo to these small but significant objects is instant brand recognition.

Event Signs

Why not combined a sponsorship with some smart advertising? By adding your logo to local event signs, you can build your brand name in the area while showing your giving side off too, now that’s a win-win!


With people always coming and going on vacations, work trips, or weekend getaways — airport advertising allows for maximum exposure in a diverse way. You never know who will see your ad and from where, opening you up to a more affordable way to nationally advertise your brand.

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