Top Things to Look For In Your Analytics

When it comes to increasing sales and gaining online customers, you must first understand your analytics. We know it can be overwhelming, but there are a few key things to look for. So if you want a better understanding of your reports so you can improve your ROI, here’s what you should be looking for: there

Dig Deep Into Organic Search

Organic search is all the traffic that results from a search engine.To find which pages are performing the best, you’ll want to click on landing pages. You can then look at which social pages are bringing in traffic or which pages came from some directly typing in your URL, making it one of the most useful ways to judge if your online marketing is working and how customers are reaching you the most.

Landing Pages

The goal of a good site is to have evenly distributed traffic; this is where the landing page metric comes in handy. Breaking down your metrics by landing pages will allow you to see which pages are outperforming the rest so you can edit and work on creating a better call to action across all pages.

Look At Average Session Duration

This metric measures the average amount of time spent on your page. It used to see if you are capturing your customer's attention or not through your website content. With many layers, you can even nail it down to specific pages and sources.

Don’t Forget Unique Users

One of the most useful metrics to businesses is unique users. This allows you to see when a new visitor has landed on your site. Letting you know that you have gained a new potential customer that might have just stumbled upon your site through your marketing.

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