Top Analytics You Shouldn't Ignore

When you’re taking a dive into the analytics of your digital marketing campaign, what do you spend the most time looking at? The conversions? Your total spend? While those are both good metrics to pay attention to, there are also a few you may be pushing aside — but you shouldn’t.

Here are a few analytic metrics you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to your marketing campaigns.

Your Audience

Aside from your target audience, you need to keep a close eye on who you’re actually getting attention from. Maybe you’re running ads marketed towards older mothers, but you’re getting more traction from millennial women. This can (and should) influence how and where you spend your advertising money and who you target.

Your Audience Entry

How your audience gets to your website, and what device a user is on, can have a big effect on how your run your online advertisements. If you’re getting users to your website via direct traffic, but aren’t getting that many new users, you may want to use more of your budget towards an online ads campaign to get your business in front of new eyes and in turn, get new sales.

And if your ads are being placed primarily on desktop devices, but a lot of your website traffic conversions are coming from mobile devices, you may want to buy more ad spots that deliver to mobile users.

The Time Spent on Your Page

Sometimes, you may only pay attention to your bounce rate and how many people convert on your website. However, if you notice that you have a high bounce rate but users are spending several minutes on a page — a very long time in today’s age — that may be a sign that you have good information on your page, but users don’t know what to do next.

Perhaps you need to offer them more links to click or offers to take advantage of in order to have them convert.

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