The Top Marketing Terms You Need to Know

If you’re new to the marketing world, you’re probably going to start hearing a lot of words and abbreviations that sound strange to you — SEO and ROI can seem to be another language. But there’s no need to get a headache trying to figure out all these meanings! Start by learning the top marketing terms you need to know!

A/B Testing

This term refers to switching out different variables in an advertisement in order to gain a better result. When A/B testing, you change something as simple as the image or call-to-action in your ad to see what your audience responds better to.


This is the request you add at the end of a blog post, advertisement, or landing page in order to have the person become a lead. These can include “click here,” “call us today,” or “subscribe now,” to name a few. You should always strive to create a strong, enticing call-to-action to earn better conversions.

Cost Per Lead

This is the amount of money it costs you to get one conversion. You can sometimes increase your cost per lead by making little mistakes such as bidding on wasteful keywords or targeting too large of an area — so make sure you avoid those errors.


These are the terms that you use to optimize your webpage and help you show up higher in searches. You should aim to use keywords that are relative to your brand and services that will show up in relevant searches. These terms can either be one or two words or longer phrases.


This is a wide term that essentially refers to tweaking your website to be the best version of itself. Properly optimized websites will include a good number of searched keywords, include the proper headers, adapt to mobile devices, and include relevant imagery.


This is your return on investment and refers to how efficient and effective your marketing efforts are for the amount of money on your spend on your campaign.

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