The Importance of Integrated Video Planning

Video is more important than ever before.  Whether you’re watching a TV at home, waiting at the doctor’s office, or scrolling through your Facebook feed, video is everywhere.  For businesses looking to get their message out there, integrated video planning will ensure that you are reaching your audience at the best possible ad rate.

We offer video services for:

  • Cable TV
  • Local Television
  • Broadcast Networks
  • Syndicated Television

Video provides brands with the opportunity to connect and provide their audience with a richer experience.  We work with brands to get maximum exposure in every format.  These are a few of the benefits video has for your marketing plan.

Benefits of Video Planning:

  • Engagement – Your audience is more likely to engage and share content in video form.  They’re more likely to watch and pay attention to your brand and your company message when it’s presented in an attention-grabbing video.
  • SEO – Video content can have an impact on your rankings in Google.  This can have a significant impact on your business and your rankings.
  • Consistency – Constancy is important when it comes to your marketing plan.  You want to make sure you are being consistent across your traditional mailings, digital marketing, social media, video advertisements, and more!  This provides potential customers with a unified view of your brand.
  • Effectiveness – By communicating your video advertisements with your complete marketing plan, you create a more effective campaign. Not only does it streamline your campaign, but by creating a single approach across various channels, your message will be clear to your audience.
  • Savings – When your video marketing is integrated into your overall goal, you won’t waste money on frivolous campaigns!  All of your marketing spend is put towards a single business goal that helps build your brand.

Ready to integrate video into your marketing plan?  Learn more about our integrated video planing services on our website or call 818-703-0218 to speak with one of our professionals today.

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