The Importance of Color Choice in Ads

A catchy headline or a different slogan might be a big part of advertising, but it’s not the only one. To create an effective and consumer catching ad, you’ll want to think in color! The right color can take an average ad and make it an outstanding ad. With the use of color, you can grab audiences attention and build brand recognition all in one ad. So why is knowing your ad color choice so important? We have the answers:

Color Evokes A Mood

With the right color choice, you can evoke a mood or theme with your ads that resonates with your audience. With choosing the right branding colors, customers will begin to associate your product with a specific feeling or emotion. This is why doing your color research is an integral part of advertising design.

The Right Color Grabs Attention

Though a flashy headline might seem like the first thing you think to add to your campaigns, color is where it all begins. The right color such as a bright red can catch consumer's eye quite quickly and hold their attention long enough to get your message across.

Target With Color

Believe it or not, the right color choice can also depict the type of audience you are looking to capture. By knowing the emotion each color provokes, you can then use those colors to attract your perfect target audience through their feelings. This will, in turn, help them associate your brand with that color and that color with your brand, building strong brand recognition.

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