The Importance of Branding in Marketing

It’s a whole new world of marketing, and though there are many platforms and ways to promote yourself, one thing still holds tried and true — branding! Yes, selling and increasing ROI is important but to build loyalty and name recognition you’ll want to have a perfect branding strategy and that all starts with your values. So if you are putting your efforts into direct message marketing and glazing over your branding, here’s how you can make the two work hand in hand:

Don’t Ignore It

When you think of what you drink or the shoes you wear, you will probably be more inclined to name a brand name before the style. Branding affects our decisions, it causes us to choose one brand over another, and it is what will make you stand out from your competitor. So when you’re creating your marketing strategy, don’t forget to budget for your branding.

Don’t Forget The Value

Your Brand has to stand for who you are and what you do. It has to be specific to what you want people to feel and how you want them to react when they see your products. Your image or design can change by if your overall brand evokes trust, the loyal customers will stay. So no matter how your branding starts out, just be sure your core values and company standards always remain the same; this will be the key way to be mentioned as a brand just not another product.

It Can Be Measured

Though you might not be able to get an exact ROI, there are ways to see if your branding campaign is working. Hold focus groups to see how your brand is perceived by customers or if your logo is easily recognized; this is also an excellent way to test out different logo ideas too! Have your sales, website traffic, or social traffic increased? This could all be due to branding. Just remember — if you overall brand is consistent your ROI should be too.

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