The Importance of a Brand Book

A successful company has a strong idea of who they are visually and verbally. They have a cohesive image that is recognizable to anyone who knows them, and they are consistent with their tone and message. Having a such a strong company image doesn’t happen by accident, it takes research, work and a solid brand book.

A brand book, also known as a brand guide, style guide, brand bible (and many other aliases) is something every successful company needs to have for marketing success. If you currently find yourself lost in the marketing world without a clear vision of what you stand for, here’s how to create your brand book today:

What Is A Brand Book?

A brand book includes the specifications of your logo. Specific fonts, color palettes and a complete guideline on layouts and photo guidelines. To keep your brand uniformed in all aspects, you’ll also want to include:

  • Your website layout.
  • Specific design elements.
  • Style and voice guidelines.

By having a clear understanding of what your image should look like, you can make an impact on your consumers' decision to buy. It will also give your company a full understanding of what you’re looking to put out there, leaving no room for error.

Besides — mismatched logos, consistent brand inconsistency, and different tones can make your company look sloppy and unprofessional.

How to Begin

The first thing you’ll want to do is begin writing your guidelines and then move onto your logo. When creating your brand book, don’t forget these must haves:

  • Your companies’ story and voice.
  • You must use color palette.
  • Approved imagery.
  • Typography (sizing, font size, and reasoning are all a must).

The Important Parts

Once you know what you want your brand book to consist of, now is the time to piece it all together. Remember — this is your brand bible, and anyone that is creating content or speaking for your brand should know it inside and out. Don’t be afraid to be detailed and consider working with a group of designers to make sure it’s 100 percent perfect and you!

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