The Best Holiday Advertisements of All Time

There is no shortage of advertisements during the holiday season!  If you’re looking to get your message heard, take note of the most effective holiday advertisements of all-time!

Best Holiday Advertisements of All Time:

Folgers –

This classic Folgers commercial first aired in 1986, but what made it special is that the commercial ran for almost 20 years!  During a time of year where people value their individual family traditions, Folgers was able to create their own tradition that people could look forward to year after year.

Coca-Cola –

Coca-Cola is no stranger to holiday advertisements.  They have been able to capture the essence of the holiday spirit, while also sticking to their core brand values.  Their iconic holiday ads range from the classic polar bears to Christmas trucks to shaping the image of Santa Claus as we know it today.  You can even read about the history of the Coca-Cola company’s holiday ads on their website!

M&M’s –

The red and yellow M&M characters are a classic part of their advertising campaign strategy.  They have their own personalities and are recognizable to anyone who sees an M&M ad.  During this advertisement, they were able to capture the excitement of the holidays, while still sticking to their brand identity!

Check out this Forbes article for more top holiday ads and let us know which is your favorite!

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