Still Wasting Money on the Wrong Media Plan?

No matter what you do or what capacity you do it in, marketing is a big part of your success, but that success requires a plan. That plan takes research, knowledge and in most cases, a skilled Media Planner; so if you feel like your marketing is in a rut, here’s how to be sure that you're wasting money on the wrong media plan:

There Was No Research Involved

Going into a media plan blindly is like throwing money into the wind. You need to know what your goal is. Are you looking to increase brand awareness, increase sales or both? Who do you want to market towards; once you have the answers to these questions, then you can begin building your clear-cut strategy that will help you see a more significant ROI.

No Clear Strategy

Just knowing a goal isn’t enough — you need to research your audience and your platforms. Knowing what your target audience is looking to see, what they are searching for, and what they are responsive to will help gain you ideas to use towards your campaign. A good strategy will have a target audience in mind, and end goal, the platforms that you can use to get there, and more. When you work with a media planning company, they will do all the digging for you to get to the heart of your business and brand and provide you with valuable insights.

Large Spend With No Results

Results don’t always happen overnight, and that is where the importance of analytics comes in. Though a budget can play a role in your performance, there are many other factors to consider. Beyond your spend, your website speed, images, and copy could all be affecting how your ads are being delivered. When you hire a Media Planner, they work to make sure that your ads are delivering the desired results by constant testing and reviewing them.

Our media planning experts use analytics to drive ROI. If you’re not sure what is (and isn’t) working for your brand, give our office a call. Our professionals will help you create a successful marketing strategy that is based on analytics. Learn more about our media planning and media buying services on our website or give us a call at 818-703-0218 to speak with an expert directly.

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