Picking The Perfect Color for Your Branding

When it comes to your branding, your color choice is critical. Colors have an emotional effect on how people respond to your brand. Your image can cause viewers to have a subconscious preconceived notion of you before they even look any further. So to pick the right color to represent your image, here's what you need to know:

Don’t Go Overboard

When it comes to picking colors you don't want to think about every color in the rainbow. You’ll want to stick with the idea that less is more. Your first bet to go in and decide on two primary colors that you like and research the meaning of feelings behind them. Try to pick complementary colors that are in the same tones.

Think Secondary Colors

Once you have your primary colors, you can go in, and find your secondary colors to go along with it. Remember you want to think of something that would give a great feeling for your brand and represent your overall image.

What Colors Evoke Matters

To have a full understanding of what each color can represent, here’s a few basic and often used branding colors to consider:

  • Red- Is an impactful color that can make people take notice and risks
  • Yellow- can stimulate hopefulness
  • Blue - is calming and can evoke trust
  • Orange- associated with balance
  • Green- Nature and good luck
  • Purple- Is often associated with royalty

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