Marketing to The Mobile First Future

A well-planned marketing strategy is always a step ahead, and to target to your desired demographic; you have to understand them and where they're headed. If you are demographic is Generation Z — think mobile! Today’s teens grew up with cell phones in hand and spend most of their time on them, so if you are looking to market yourself to the future shoppers, you’ll want to kick your mobile game up a notch.

Mobile Is Their First Choice

Though teens are known to be gamers and computer savvy — they still spend most of their time on their smartphones; this is mainly because their generation got their first cell phone before their elders. While most groups received a cell phone from 16-20, Generation Z is dialing it in at 12-14 years of age.

Mobile Video is Out Ranking Apps

Teens are less likely to text message, opting for messaging apps instead but what do they spend most of their free time doing; watching videos on their phone! With an average of 3 or more hours a day watching videos — that’s a lot of YouTube ad time that you could be marketing on!

They Love to Online Shop

Some of the top online shoppers are teen and how do they do it? On their smartphones of course! When it comes to mobile shopping teens are not far behind their millennials. Teens will choose online shopping over in store purchase because they believe customer service is better and for the simple fact that they are guaranteed to find what they want.

Ads Influence Them

Not only do they shop online — they pay attention to the ads too! They view products as purchasable and cool if their friends mention it, if it’s relatable to them or if they’ve seen an ad about it. So if you are looking to catch the next generation of shoppers —be sure to market your ads to their demographic!

The experts at Bloom Ads can help you create a marketing plan and strategy that will reach the mobile first future. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more!

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