Marketing Mistakes You're Already Making (and How to Fix Them)

Mistakes happen. But, when it comes to your marketing strategy and business goals, we want to make sure that the impact is minimized. Are you making any of these common marketing mistakes?

Common Marketing Mistakes (And How to Fix Them):

  1. Not planning ahead. Do you have a strategy in place? You should have distinct strategies for the month, quarter and year. This will help you tweak your strategies for specific promotions, while still working towards your overall marketing goal.
  2. Spreading yourself too thin. You don’t need to be on every marketing platform. Determine which mediums are working the most effectively for your brand — and use those to market your message to your audience and improve ROI.
  3. Not building authority through content creation. Google ranks websites that have more authority on the subject they are about higher up in the search results. This means that you should have great content on your website, blog and social media channels for better SEO.
  4. Lack of activity on social media. Social media is only becoming more important in digital marketing. Customers want to see an updated Facebook business page so that they know that you are still in business, can leave reviews and get a sense of transparency.

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