Making Each Customer a VIP

Nothing seems more glamorous than gaining yourself some high-level clientele. For some companies, this is often seen as “making it.” But despite popular belief, you don’t have to bend over backwards to give those clients the most fantastic service ever.

Chances are, these clients were referred to you based on your excellent existing service, and straying from that might not be worth the return. Instead, you should be treating every client like a VIP, and here’s how:

Treat Them as Equals

Every single consumer you interact with should be as important as the next and treated with the same top-notch service. You might feel the need to give better service to higher paying clients or give them special perks and giveaways, but what are you getting in return? When it comes down to it, excellent service to all is what brings repeat sales.

One Will Win, Others Will Suffer

If you’re scrambling to go over the top and provide your VIP clients with a more private and ideal service, you are using more energy and staff than needed. Because of this, the rest of your consumers will see the effects. Plus, your one, happy VIP customer (that got great service for not much of a return) will come to expect special treatment, rather than view it as an occasional treat.

Remember: if these top-notch clients are getting referred, it’s probably due to the great service you are already providing across the board.

The Right Way to Show VIP Status

Don’t change your whole procedure to take care of top-notch clients. Instead, add something to it. For example, give them a free sample or a discount. By treating everyone as equals, these little perks won’t be automatically expected. Instead, they’ll be considered nice surprises that make an impact.

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