Is Your Marketing Plan Ready for Some Football?

Football season is officially here and now is the time to use it to your marketing advantage! No matter where you live or who you root for, one thing all football fans have in common is their excitement for the game. So if you are looking to increase engagement, gain new customers, and increase your ROI, here are just a few of the ways you can blend football into your marketing plan:

Show Community Involvement

Sponsoring a football team or showing your support through ads or social is an excellent way to show your community you care! Beyond professional games, you have high school and college too. Contributing to your community can show your existing customers your intentions while gaining you some new ones.

Promote on Social

Football is a perfect reason to create content for your social pages, and grab some user content too! Ask followers to share a pic of themselves in their favorite jerseys, talk about your office's fantasy football league or just create a discussion about last nights game. Not only will it engage followers but it can gain you some new ones too!

Look into Sponsorship and Endorsements

A carefully planned endorsement can do wonders for any business, big or small. A face to your product or services can bring trust, loyalty and brand recognition. Another great way to get your name out there is through sponsorships. With it can come in stadium marketing, in person appearances and more! To know how to land an endorsement and sponsorship deals that will pay off, you’ll want to talk to an expert.

Looking to get more involved in sponsorships or endorsements? The experts at Blooms Ads can help. We encourage you to learn more about the digital marketing services that we offer on our website.

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