Is Your Brand Standing Out From The Competition?

In the world of marketing and media, competition is stiff. But with the right planning, it is possible to stand out from the rest. To make a name for your company, and leave your competitors wondering just how you do it, here are five qualities you’ll need to consider:

1. Sincere Customer Service

Consumers are looking for a brand, not a product. They want customer service that is fast, sincere and personable. If at any point they feel like you are looking at them for a profit, they are more likely to steer clear. To gain brand loyalty with today's generation, you need to make each interaction personal and heartfelt.

2. Originality

Yes, you want to keep a close eye on what your competitors are doing, but you don’t want to copy it. To make your company more desirable than the rest, you need to find a way to go beyond the typical sales approach and build a unique voice for your business. Whether it’s through humor, specific imagery or mixed content, make sure it follows your core values and is clearly and uniquely yours.

3. Know Your Audience

There are a lot of modern ways to get to know your target audience now. Through research, you can begin to understand their language, their interests, and their preferred social platforms. This allows you to target your ads better and deliver the content they want!

4. Be Fearless

Try new things, change up your ads, be funny and go outside your vertical. You never know how something will do until you try it. By going beyond your typical ads and copy, you can begin to create an image for yourself and find a niche that you would never have tried before!

5. Exposure

Multiple platforms mean multiple customer exposures. The more you promote yourself, the more eyes and ears there are to respond to it. Be sure to consider which platform matters the most, and distribute your budget accordingly.

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