How to Safely Play on Fear in Your Marketing Campaign

One of the best ways you can make your marketing content stand out and increase your click-through rate is by creating an emotional connection with your audience. However, that doesn’t mean you should only create warm, fuzzy, sentimental content. While positive content can perform well, there is another emotion you can benefit from playing on: fear.

There are plenty of ways to safely play on fear in your marketing campaign without creating any controversy or backlash.


FOMO or “fear of missing out” is often a person’s biggest concern when it comes to opportunity. If you market your services and word your advertisements as something that would prevent people from missing a positive opportunity, you incite a sense of fear in customers that they potentially didn’t know they had.

For example, if you’re a tax consulting company, titling a blog to say “Are You Missing Out on These Potential Deductions?” can entice users to click into your blog for fear that they’re not saving as much on their tax returns as possible.

Focus on Failure

We know that sounds odd, but hear us out. If you were presented with two ads that read “These tips will improve your SEO” or “These common mistakes are killing your SEO,” which would you pick? Believe it or not, more people would pick the second title — because it plays on a fear of failure.

When you word your advertisements and content to imply users could be making bad decisions that hurt their campaign, they’ll be more likely to click your content to make sure they’re not hurting their marketing efforts and losing valuable budget money.

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