How to Revamp Your Franchise Marketing

One of the biggest challenges of franchise marketing is keeping every location on the same page. With so many locations and moving parts, it can be easy to fall off the smart marketing bandwagon, so to speak.

But not to worry! There are plenty of ways you can revamp your franchise marketing and put your advertising budget to good use.

Know the Different Kinds of Franchise Marketing

Franchise marketing can typically be broken down into two categories: franchise development and franchise-consumer. Franchise development marketing focuses on targeting other potential franchisees to open more locations, while franchise-consumer marketing focuses on getting everyday customers in the door.

Since you’re marketing to two different groups of people, you need to figure out your marketing goals and strategy — who you’re marketing to, what you’re marketing, and how you’ll do it — to optimize your budget and get the right leads.

Create Branded Image Templates

You want your content and imaging to be easily recognizable anywhere in the country, and that starts with having consistent, uniform imagery. Create image templates that anyone from corporate marketers to your smallest location owner can use when advertising the business and send them out to every franchise location.

This way, no one will have to try and create their own imagery that may not match the brand’s.

Go Local

Don’t just advertise your business at the national level. You need to design marketing campaigns that target your specific location areas. This not only appeals more to people who see the ads, but it also can help your ads appear higher in Google searches and let users know where you are.

For example, if a user located in Kansas City is searching for “food near me,” your ad that says “ABC Restaurant in Kansas City” may have a better chance of showing up than another ad that just says “XYZ Restaurant.” And that user may not have known your business was in his or her area, so now you’ve increased your brand awareness, too!

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