How to Market to Millennials

In our increasingly digital world, it’s important that businesses understand how to market to millennials.  These tips will help you improve your marketing strategy to reach this new generation of customers.

Tips for Marketing to Millennials:

  • Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing – Phones are more than just a way to stay in touch with family and friends.  They’re also a way to keep up with current news, gossip, and information on interesting products.  In fact, 85% of Millennials (aged 15-35) use their phones for this purpose, according to Pew Research.  Business owners shouldn’t underestimate the value of optimizing your marketing strategy for mobile devices.
  • Create a Story – Engagement is more important than ever before.  In the digital age, people want to feel immersed in an interactive world.  By giving potential customers the opportunity to interact with your company, you can improve engagement and let your customers feel like they are part of your business.
  • Remain Transparent – Companies need to remain transparent in their marketing strategies.  Consumers want to know that a company has a mission, and that the mission is being met.  Communicate with your audience and let them see how you are creating a positive impact.
  • Know Your Audience – Millennials are more interested in experiences than products.  Certain companies use this to their advantage by promoting a lifestyle that their product supports.

This article from Mashable offers more tips on how to market to Millennials.

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