How to Make Your Print Ads Stand Out

Print advertisements can be a great way to catch your audience’s eye - especially during the busy holiday season. However, during a time of year when advertisements are everywhere, it’s also important to make sure that your print ads stand out from your competitors. Here are a few tips to help you make your print advertisements unique.

Print Advertising Tips:

  • Include Your Logo - Brand consistency is a great way to let customers know what they can expect from your business. Include your brand colors, slogan or logo in your print advertisement.
  • Highlight What Makes You Unique - What makes your business stand out from the rest? Emphasize what makes your brand or product unique and why a customer would want to invest their time and money in it during the holidays.
  • Think Outside of the Box - Get creative with your design! Print advertisements can be more than just a way to get your message out there; they can also be a form of art! Since print advertisements are so long lasting, they’re an opportunity to get creative and make your business stand out.
  • Feature Specials - Include your holiday specials! Add ons, sales, discounts and promotions are great ways to convert savvy shoppers into brand advocates during the busy holiday season.
  • Consider Placement - Outside of content, you’ll also want to make sure that your print advertisement has premium placement. Think about your unique demographic. Place your print ad in a location where your customer will frequent.

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