How to Include March Madness Trends in Your Marketing Strategy

For sports enthusiasts everywhere, the first day of March signals one thing – March Madness!

Are you excited to watch the basketball tournaments unfold?  You’re not the only one!

In the next few weeks, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) March Madness tournament will dominate sports conversations on TV and on social.  Basketball fans will be constantly searching for the latest scores and trends, while sharing their favorite moments in their social media feeds.

As we prep for this big event, think about how March Madness will affect your marketing strategy?

Keep content mobile-friendly.  Big game wins are a great way for fans to engage online.  Ensure that all of your content is easily accessible and can be read across multiple screen sizes and devices.

Improve engagement with bracket-related content.  Bracket searches happen in bursts.  Build excitement around branded brackets or bracket-related content early in the month!

Be adaptive and creative.  March Madness scores will be changing throughout the month, and it’s important that your brand is able to move and adapt to these changes.  Keep your content (whether on social, through TV advertisements, radio advertisements, etc.) adaptable and relevant to your brand.

Regardless of your business goals, our marketing experts will help you create a media plan that is personalized to your individual brand and needs.

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