How Long Should Your Video Ad Be?

Shorter advertisements may be more affordable, but are they more effective? A recent study tested 15 second, 30 second, and 60 second ads to see how they each performed, and which had the greatest impact on ad recall and brand favorability.

The 15-Second Advertisement

Although the advertisement was shorter in length, this was the most skipped of the three ad lengths.  It was effective at raising awareness, but less effective at ad recall and brand favorability.

The 30-Second Advertisement

This slightly longer version of the advertisement had the highest view-through rate (VTR). This means that more people watched this advertisement from start to finish than the shorter and longer versions. This version was also more effective in lifting brand favorability. The extra depth and dimension created a more meaningful connection to the brand.  

The 60-Second (+) Advertisement

This longer version allowed for even more depth into the story. However, only about 15% of the viewers watched this version all the way through.  Since the brand advertisement did not appear until the end of the ad, most people weren’t given the chance to connect the ad to a brand.

Of course, the length of your ad also depends on your brand, your audience and the type of message that you are looking to get across. These results can vary from brand to brand depending on your unique goals and needs. It is important to always connect the length of your advertisement to the goals you have in mind for your brand.

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