How Location Affects Your Sponsorships

When you’re looking to improve your business’ image and boost sales, do you have a go-to strategy? If you’re like most companies, you may try to come out with an inspirational advertising campaign that portrays your company in an altruistic light. But have you considered putting your money where your mouth is and taking the sponsorship route?

Sponsorships can lead to better brand awareness and help get you more business — but you have to remember one of the biggest factors of sponsorships: location.

How Location Affects Your Sponsorships

Find Sponships Your Target Area Will Like

If you’re a Texas-based brand and are looking to have a professional athlete endorse your business, you probably won’t have much success working with Saquon Barkley from the NY Giants.

Your customer base in Texas isn’t going to want to see a rival player as your spokesperson. You’re better off working with someone who is familiar and liked by your target area.

Advertise Where It Matters

If your company is based mostly on the East coast, you shouldn’t waste your advertising budget on television or radio ads on the West coast — that won’t help increase your ROI or sales. Focus on getting sponsorships that will be seen and heard by people in your business area.

After all, even if someone sees your business on TV, if they’re too far away to make a purchase, it doesn’t do you any good.

Go Local

While it’s great to have high-profile celebrities encouraging people to interact with your brand or purchase your product, some companies, such as small businesses, don’t have the budget to make that happen.

But that’s ok! You can still have success in setting up sponsorships on a smaller scale. Is there a big town festival in your area or a triathlon every spring? Help sponsor those events so people in your local area can see you're involved in the community — it can go a long way in terms of your brand image.

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