Fall Marketing Tips to Consider

Fall is here and so should be your marketing strategy! With the start of the season comes new sports, back to school and temperature changes and all are great ways to grab customers attention. No matter what business you are in, planning your marketing strategy seasonally can help keep your content fresh but your customers engaged. So if you are looking for new ways to market this fall, here are a few tips:

Play on the Season

With fall sports starting and school back at it, your marketing should reflect that. Market to college students, football fans, and parents sending their children off to school and offer discounts or sales that reflect that. Hit local fall festivals to get your brand and name out there. Join up with local vendors if you can — just keep your name out there and visible while people are still enjoying the weather.

Plan for The Holidays

Now is the perfect time to hint to the winter holidays coming up. Start a countdown or hint towards the stress of shopping. Planning a fall marketing plan that blends into your winter can be another sure fire way to stand out from the competitors.

Get Rid of Summer Inventory

One way to get attention is to hold an end of summer blowout! No matter where you do it at home or at a local event — it will be sure to catch some eyes.  Have a booth and music themed around summer and hand out some branded summer inventory such as beach balls and frisbees to catch their attention. The summer might be ending, but being the only one to embrace the fun of summer will guarantee you a few new customers!

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