Fall Colors to Implement Into Your Branding

Most people look forward to fall because of apple picking, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes. But when you’re a business, there’s another exciting part of autumn that you can take advantage of — fall colors! Don’t be afraid to use autumn shades and colors in your branding to get into the fall spirit and appeal to the masses.

Fall Colors to Implement Into Your Branding


This may not seem like the most exciting color, but autumn is filled with it, so there’s no harm in including brown hues in your branding. Trying out different shades of brown, such as warm chocolate or subtle beige, can give your branding a more earthy, natural feel to it.


While some people may not love using orange in anything from their wardrobe to their branding, you can’t deny that the color definitely pops. Incorporating orange into your logo and advertisements can catch potential customers’ attention better than most common colors, such as blue, and make your branded images more stimulating to the eye.


There’s something about grey that simply makes images appear sleek and modern — which is why many luxury brands tend to include it in their advertisements and branding. Using grey tones can psychologically create a sense of reliability in the minds of your customers and help your business appear more sophisticated.


While fall leaves are typically absent of any green, that doesn’t mean your branding should be. Green tends to be a reassuring color, one that calms and pleases people. It also commonly symbolizes prosperity and hope, which can make anyone who views your branding and advertisements feel like they will have success in using your business.

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