Back to School Marketing Ideas

The first day of school is just around the corner, and so should be your back to school marketing campaign. No matter what your business is, a back to school campaign is an excellent way to increase sales and awareness of your brand, and to be successful and stand out from the competition; you must have an outside the box plan. So to see a better ROI, here are three things to keep in mind when it comes to your back to school marketing campaign:

Think Discounts

Whether your business is directly related to school or not, a back to school discount is a great marketing tool. Parents and college students are about to spend a ton of cash getting new clothes and supplies, so offering even the slightest offer will go a long way and gain you a customer for life. Express your appreciation in your marketing and let them know you know every penny counts!

Grow The Excitement

While you are planning your marketing campaign, don’t forget about the urgency. Give discounts based on the days left of school, such as 5% with five days left, or do a daily email blast to keep your name fresh in your customer’s minds. No matter how you go about it, be sure that you have a plan and make it practical for multiple platforms. The more you expose your brand, the better!

Remember to be Mobile Friendly

No matter what your target audience is, make sure that your ads and emails are mobile friendly. Most mobile users utilize their phones for research, make purchases, and emails so if you are planning to market online, format it for mobile too. You’ll want to have a clear call to action with a visually appealing set up. If the email or ad takes to long too load, chances are customers will give up and never return, so don’t allow them that opportunity.

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