Adapting Your Communication Style for Different Kinds of Employees

If you think about the way you talk to the people in your life, you’ll probably notice that you use different tones and ways of wording things with different people. For example, you may speak more frankly with family members while you talk more casually and jokingly with friends.

There should also be a difference in how you speak to your different employees. If you want to have the best company communication, you should be adapting your communication style when speaking to individual employees.

Personal People

These are employees that are very in tune with people’s emotions and want to get to know their co-workers on a more personal level. Often, the best way to speak to these employees is to build a strong sense of rapport and trust with them early on so they are more comfortable with you.

Intuitive People

These employees often look at the big picture and how certain tasks and projects will affect it. You’re best off avoiding small-talk and getting right to the brunt of things when it comes to explaining tasks to these employees. You should also be prepared to immediately answer any and all questions they have about projects — because they’ll likely have a lot.

Analytical People

As the name implies, these employees like to focus on facts and data, so you should always explain the logic behind tasks. You’re best bet to getting them on board with a project, is by using the scientific method and explaining the facts of the task.

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